Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bearing Testimony

(Picture #1): Traditional Colombian soup served with almost every meal: Sancocho (Picture #2):Twinners, emphafasis on WINNERS!! This week has been really good, lots of work and our numbers were really good. Not many people were around for New Years because New Years is more popular than Christmas here!! Lots of loud music and drunken people. We celebrated at home. Still not much food, but I made a banana y peanut butter shake, and it was delicious¡ I don't know if I have told you guys, but shake and juice culture is super big here. People almost never buy drinks, they make them homemade. The drinks sometimes wipe you clean if you know what I mean...but they are super delicious! I am catching on, doing different juices and shakes lately. But the work is super great! I directed my area for a day, and we had the most lessons and highest numbers of all the days that day when I led a new missionary Elder Rogers in my area! I love the work so much! We talk almost every day with investigators that Jesus has stepped on the same ground as them. Pretty cool, and I know that it is the promised land because if you Google Earth Valledupar it is surrounded by paradisiacal--super dangerous, thieve infested--mountains! Technically Salt Lakers live in a valley, so we are Vallenatos also. Thank you for fasting for me! I feel super protected in every way because of prayers in my behalf. I am working so hard to prove to God that I am worthy to wear the name of my Savior constantly. I have never worked harder in my life. I am coming home exhausted and sometimes without food, but I am super happy with my work...the Lords Work! Even Café Rio was much easier. But I love it. I feel blessed that God trusted me with such special people in my area. I know He loves them, and now I know that I do too. The work to do is here for you, pon tu hombro a la lid! I bore my testimony in Spanish yesterday for the ward and for investigators that came with us, Hermanos Jaime and Raul. The Bishop liked the testimony and scripture I used (Moroni 8:3) so much that he gave an entire lesson on it for Priesthood, referencing my talk a bunch! I was honored! A member in our ward gave me a manual to learn Colombian Sign Language. I’ve seen a deaf woman in our area and I have had the feeling to talk to her, so my companion and I are trying to learn more. I realize now how important the members are in missionary work. Help the missionaries: give them references of neighbors and friends.

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