Wednesday, June 3, 2015


This week Dayana (the 10 year old girl from the story) was baptized! I baptized her, and it was awesome! We had a shortage of water, but she was baptized easily because she was short enough to be dunked. She was nervous at first, because she doesn't know how to swim, but I did the baptism well, and she said that she wants to do it again! A funny story is that I forgot the words to the baptism prayer and so I Started: "by the authority Melchizedek priesthood..." It was a little embarrassing but an awesome experience. She is so awesome! And we are waiting for the moment to baptize the rest of her family! Whoo! Another awesome experience is that we visited Wilminton 6 times this week! Pretty much every day! He told us that when he is talking with us, he feels like the only thing that is holding him back from being with God is his body! He was loving the lessons until the lesson about the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith. He had a very hard time accepting the lesson and also the doctrine of Baptism. We promised him that if he would just read the Book of Mormon he would find the answers he was looking for. He didn't read Wednesday, or Thursday, of Friday, or Saturday. But he woke up in what we would call in English a cold sweat Sunday at 2 in the Morning, and opened up his Book of Mormon to a random page. It just so happened that it was 2 Nefi 31, about Faith, Repentance, and Baptism. He stayed up reading for about an hour he said. Now we will go back in time a little bit again...Friday he told us that he would not be able to go to church because he is a Fumigator, and had to fumigate a house at the same time as church. Well, after reading that chapter in the Book of Mormon he resolved to go to church that Morning, so he fumigated the house at about 3-4 in the morning, didn't sleep, and came to church. He was blessed for his efforts too! The class was about the same topic that he had read that exact morning! He was crying all over again, saying that God designed it that way for him! Our Ward Mission Leader spoke with him and us afterwards, the spirit was strong as a humble disciple of God named Wilminton, who rejected the Book of Mormon a day earlier testified to us in powerful testimony that it was true! We ended with a prayer, and I was crying, he was crying, our ward mission leader was crying. It was a great Sunday! Also, yesterday, we visited Dayana and her family. I don't remember if I told you guys, but this is the family (the Family Campos Teran) where the dad said the closing prayer, and the family and I felt like there was a presence in the center of the circle. It is the most special family I have known in my mission. I love them so much! We talked about temples, and the Dad said that if it took him all of his life to get there, he would do it! They both want to be baptized so much, but need to get married first! But they already have the goal to get to the Temple! I am a lot happier! My companion is one of my best friends of all my life! We are a powerful companionship! Thanks so much for the package Mom! I was so happy to receive it, and it was awesome to read the letters! Have a great week! It's transfers today, so I will tell you next Monday what happens. Love You all!