Thursday, January 29, 2015

Misión Posible :)‏

Pictures: A missionary leaving for Argentina Named Pedero Castro, My District, My companion and me. This week was really good! Jaime was not baptized, he actually moved away because of the loss of his job. It was very hard to hear. Katherine didn't come to church, but wanted to super bad. But she is progressing rapidly, and absorbing every lesson like a sponge! This week has been really good and prosperous, If you remember I met a man right before Christmas who was a humble carpenter. We met with him again and although he is not interested, his son wants to get baptized... interestingly enough his name is Jesus. Pretty cool, huh? I prepared 6 people for Baptisms this week. I'm glad you guys are enjoying your Primary calling. Here in Valledupar there is just One primary teacher for 30 kids, she has a super big job! Tell Ava that she is da cutest warrior princess I have ever seen! Her hearing aids are awesome! So cute! I will know about transfers tonight :). President Searle came to Valledupar this week to do interviews! Before the interview we had a special training session with the assistants to the president. The aim of the practice was to find the need of the investigator (the assistant) and say "chocolate" when we know the need. I did almost all of it, and when he said a few things about some troubles in his life my companion yelled "chocolate!", and the assistants asked me why I didn't say the word. I told them that the investigator doesn't have just one difficulty, and maybe his problem is a lot bigger. They said that, out of about 80 missionaries they tested with this practice I was the only one that had passed thus far. Woot! The interview was with President and his wife! He said that he doesn't know of many gringos in the mission that speak and understand 100 % of the Spanish AND is working so hard right off the bat. He sympathized with me when I told him that my companion doesn't want to work in the rich areas. He said to seek inspiration to find a way to preach in those areas. So I did, and the revelation came. I told my companion "we´re going to do a competition to see who can ring the doorbell of the gate of the biggest mansion and speak with them; the biggest mansion wins." I won. I found the biggest house I think I have seen in my entire life. A man answered with the German last name Moisel. He was excited to hear that we wanted to share with him and his family! We have a teaching appointment with him this week! I met a woman, and we told her that I was going to start an English class soon. She asked who is going to teach? And I said "me" and she said "where did you learn English?" I said "in my own country" and she said "They speak English in Chile?" She assumed I was Chileno! I'm so proud of Lauren and Nick! I hope Lauren has a super awesome time (here in the Caribbean coast we say: Vacano- Ba Ca No- instead of Chevere, and we cant use either of the two in the mission). And Nick Mi Pequeño Saltamonte-young grasshopper. He IS THE MAN! Tell him that I hope he gets called to this mission, and I wish he was my compañero, we could baptize the whole world together. And yes, it is a privilege to be what Christ would be, do what he would do, and say what he would say. There is a real power that I can literally feel around me in all times, because the Priesthood and righteousness are cultivated while we obey the rules. I love all of you guys Muchisimo, and hope that things are Fantastico back at home! Be a missionary! Write your testimony and give it to someone. Or just say it. Be a friend to someone on your way home. The Lord expects his servants to do what he would do if he were right here beside us! I can feel your prayers for me and for those I teach. I pray for you all as well, but interestingly the people I teach are also praying for you. I love you all so much, and my Familia Vallenata too! Love, Élder Mánwaring

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