Tuesday, January 20, 2015

4 Months...already?‏

It feels like I have only been here for three weeks, and I dont want to come home any time soon. This week was great! We found a young mother of 18 years named Catherine that the dad left, and she is raising her child. She asked US for the information to go to church! She came this Sunday, and it was so awesome! Another investigator is progressing really well, and with tons of prayer, he will be baptized this Saturday. His name is Jaime. I have improved in teaching skills dramatically. The baptisms will come with Faith and time. I have grown a TON here. I think I have gained about 15 pounds and quite possibly 2 inches or so. I can grow a full goatee in a day or two. But I have also grown spiritually. Obedience is power in the mission. Some people might think that we are a little more uptight than other missions, and its true in some ways...we have more rules than most missions around the world. But I can literally feel a real power flowing in and around us when wherever we are, because I have never been more obedient in my life. I have also gained such a huge testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon, especially this week while reading in Alma chapters 32-50. Moroni is my hero, and he is quite possibly the most powerful man that has ever lives in the Americas. An experience. We visited a shut-in. She is technically Less Active, but has TONS of health problems. One of which is Cancer and inflamations in a part of the body that I will not write. But she could not go to the bathroom, sleep, or sit down much...for a week and a half. When we started talking to her I sensed something wrong, and asked. She started sobbing, and said "Elder, I need help. I cannot urinate, and when I do it is blood, and I am in unimaginable pain all day long all week long." We gave her a blessing, and in the same hour the inflamation went down, she went to the bathroom, and slept well, and said later that she felt like there was a power lifting her up after the blessing. We visited the famous Guatapuri river here. It is the water that we shower in every day because it gets sent right to the house. It is freezing, but I prefer it to a hot shower any day. The river was cool. The are mountains in the background also.The work continues, and I love it. I hope you guys are working to help find refrences for the missionaries to teach there. Have a great week! Love you all! Con Amor en abundancia, Èlder Mànwaring

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