Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mucho Amor desde la valle de la acordión hasta Salt Lake‏

Top: Me and a sculpture of an accordion and a famous Vallenato singer named Diomedes Diaz This week was pretty good! None of the investigators came to church yesterday. It was pretty frustrating because we have been working really hard for them to attend church with us. But the lessons were good this week, and I committed 6 people to baptism this week. We need to work hard for them to keep their commitments, but I'm confident that we can do it. I'm still learning a little more sign language before going to go teach that deaf lady. I can communicate fairly well, but I need to know how to sign certain things like the first vision and stuff. I am grateful for the gift of tongues. We had another exchange this week with a newbie, Élder Tumbaco from Ecuador. I got to do training for him for that day and half of the next. It was a little tough, but looking back at the week, the day that I directed the Area while training him we had the most lessons and people committed to baptism. Also Elder Giron and I are actually pretty good friends now. He still does some pretty annoying stuff, but we are working as a team now. I can relate that rising up to the challenge of a tough companion makes you extremely tough mentally, and I do have more respect for my companion in different ways. the Lord does strengthen us every day, if we are willing to let him into our lives. The Lord helps those who help themselves sometimes! I cant believe Shaun Johnson is already home from his mission! That's interesting that he helped a couple get married like that, because we have the exact same problem with an investigator that could possibly be baptized in a week or two name Jaime Carrillo. I can imagine that he was a great missionary for the people of Mexico. I'm glad that he did so well in his mission. I'm glad that Seth Kershaw is doing great on his mission also. He is an awesome guy! I really do love the people I am serving, and I hope that they can feel my love for them. I love Ava too! And all the family! I'm so happy that you guys are proud of me! It is a strength to me to know that I have many people praying and thinking of me! It sounds like things are going really well back home, and this makes me so happy to know this! I hope Lauren gets the scholarship, and Nick gets really strong, and Nate too. And Jack is so funny! And those pictures of Ava were supah cute! I hope everything goes super well this week for you guys there in the 801. Things are going super good here in the 035. Transfers are the week after this week. Have a great week! Build the Kingdom of God wherever you are! Muchos abrazos y besitos, Élder Manwaring

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