Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Año Nuevo en La Valle‏

Hola mi Querida Familia! Christmas here was a little bit different. But I didn't mind...I worked harder than ever, and Our numbers are some of the best in Valledupar for almost everything! WooHoo! We have had very little food in the house besides the package you guys sent :), but I have been making the best of it. I miss the pajama unwrapping (and you guys) but I am so focused on the work, I forgot it was Christmas until night time. We did caroling also, and most of our lessons fell through. Not many people were sober or wanting to talk to us that day. But I love you guys TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Much. I had two intercambios, which means you spend the day with another missionary. I spent my first with Elder Wilson, my Zone Leader. We had a deaf Colombian member accompany us to lessons named Alfredo. I relearned everything in Colombian Sign Language. And then after 10 minutes of learning how to sign basic things...I taught the Restoration to a deaf Colombian couple...in sign language! I did the first vision, and the spirit filled the room, and signs just came to my mind, signs that I later asked Alfredo if they were correct, and he said that the majority was! Then I invited them to baptism...they both accepted! Elder Wilson was extremely impressed with my work ethic and abilities in lessons. He said that He knows that I will be a leader in the mission in the near future! Then I had intercambios with Elder Cortez (his area is the area where a dog bit me...very poor). I challenged two longtime investigatores to baptism after a powerful lesson that I led! They both accepted! Elder Cortez is pretty much my best friend in the mission, and it was a great day! The gifts sound so fun! Especially this Spikeball...it sounds like it was invented for Elder Manwaring :). I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas a whole bunch! Nate and Ava sound like they are super cute in da snow! The gifts we received from you guys are awesome! Elder Giron wasn't very happy or grateful, and it was super weird. But I am sooooo grateful for everything you guys sent-It was a great Christmas full of lots of work! My feet are tougher than nails now, and my shoes are getting beat up but everything is going super great there. Tell Ava that I hope she has a great Bone Marrow Birthday, she does deserve it! I don't need anything here, thanks :). The other missionaries are kind of making fun of me for receiving so many packages. :) But you guys are so awesome for thinking of me! I am grateful for your love, and I talk about you guys every day to investigadores. Very few people (member or non-member alike) know about eternal marriage, and I can show them a foto of my family and say that every single face that they see in the foto is bound together for the eternidad! Much love! I also hope the Year is Buenisimo for everyone of you guys also! I hope you guys help the missionary effort there as well. I realize now how much the success of a ward depends on the members just being friends with people that are investigating the church. Much Love in the New Year, Élder Manwaring

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