Monday, December 8, 2014

Mucho Amor from the City of Mangos!‏

I have had a better, but very similar week. I was waiting for the news of Ava's scans, because I had counted about when the scan would be. I am beyond happy for this news! Give my amor to that small baby! I want to share some experiences with you guys. First, I was asked by an member de our Barrio who is fairly old to give a blessing. Élder Giron wasnt feeling up to it, and told me that he couldnt, and that I needed to do it. Her name is very long like most here in LatinAmerica. But I gave a very humble, not very exquisitely worded blessing. She had been in bed for days and could hardly make it to a seat to get the blessing. She was in a lot of pain. She had been in and out of passing out. But I gave the blessing, and afterwards, I felt like my energy was completely drained and I almost fell over, so I sat down for a bit. We left, and the next day this old woman walked almost 2 miles to church with no symptoms whatsoever. She had previously been doing awful. The priesthood is a very real power directly from God. We have been having extremely low numbers throughout this last week. But I am trying to work super hard for them. We met a man on the street the other day who said he was always curious what it is like inside of the chapel. We told him he could go and see for himself this Sunday. He told us very sadly that he didn't have very much money to pay for church. When we told him it was free, and that is the way Christ's church should be, I thought he was going to cry. He told us he is Jehovah Witness, and feels like he lost Gods favor, he is a poor carpenter who lives in his woodshop with his family. He was very sad because he said he was in another city this weekend but that he will try to find a chapel there. He told us that Mormons are always so happy, and he is passing for many difficulties, and believes we can help him. Also I did exchanges with my district leader where we proselited in his area. His area is very very poor in comparison with ours which is super rich,(as in Olympus Cove rich in some areas). The houses are concrete with dirt floors and random pieces of metal for roofs. The children run naked in the streets with dogs. But I have never met so many people ripe for the word of God in my life. They were all so interested in what we had to say! I got bit by a large dog but as it came up to bite me, I had the impulse to kick. So I did, and I kicked that dumb dog so hard in the face, that it was probably animal abuse, and PETA would unfriend me on Facebook. But it went through my pants but my skin had no bites, just a little red...crazy huh! I made mango pancakes today and made two goals in soccer. People here when I tell them to guess where I am from many now say: Cachaco which is a people of Medellin who are literally identical to me in looks. Or Argentina alot, and Colombiana. Very few think I am from the States. Pretty sweet. This week will be the best ever, because I am going to work hard as a present to my Savior. You guys are beyond love for me! Te Amo fuertisimo, Tu Hijo Élder Manwaring (The Lone Gringo of Loperena)

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