Saturday, November 1, 2014

Leaving to Barranquilla in less than a week/New Companion

I have a new companion from Cartagena named Elder Arroyo. We did proselyting yesterday, and only got 5 references in 3 hours. We went into the slums of Bogotá Norte after a little walk and soon saw kids running around with little clothing, animal parts being sold, a tin roofed Casino (which I taught in front of) and a bunch of little vendors selling food and novelties out of their Ford Pintos :). I think God is trying to test my Spanish, so he gave me a companion where I need to roll my R´s to speak with him :). I went on tour last week and also to the Jersey shop where I bought a Yellow National Jersey and a Barranquilla Juniors Tiburones Jersey. On tour we also went to the Cathedral on Mt. Monserrate which has so many pictures and sculptures of Jesus Dying it was crazy. An interesting thing to note is that not one of them have anything to do with the Savior suffering in Gethsemane. And the cathedral´s central piece is the most scary looking bleeding Jesus I have ever seen surrounded by gold (Picture attached). The view to Bogotá below is pretty sweet from there too, so I will attach that as well. I have gotten fairly sick, which is ironic because I was boasting about not being sick for so long. The lesson for this is: Don´t drink the water no matter where you get it. We are free to drink the water purification water (Like a blue barrel on a tap, we used to have one) but it will still give you the closest thing to strep throat. My throat has been on fire for like three days. On another note, I have been here for a month already but it feels like 2 weeks. Not by train or by plane! I will take a small plane to Barranquilla! I am so excited! I love you guys and your prayers for me, I can feel them so abundantly in my life here in the field. And there isn´t a better work out there. Te Amo Mucho, Élder Clark Manwaring

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