Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Out of the CCM and into...

Valledupar! I am serving right now in the ever beautiful city of Valledupar! I am serving with Èlder Giron in the Loperena Ward. Valledupar can be described as the following: Empenada stands line the streets, as do Mango Trees which the town is famous for. There is Vallenato musica every way you turn, which is the most popular stuff to listen to here. The men here never wear shirts or much of any clothing really. And the women are not too far off from the same. Everyone is scantily dressed. We are in an area that is known for being exceptionally rich as well as exceptionally poor. The rich won't listen to us and the poor are pretty much all sick with a type of flu similar to MONO. Almost everyone will let you into their house, but won't listen or try to understand a word you say afterwards. They are all super happy, and love to dance and sing and eat fried foods and platanos and Mangos. People from Bogotà loved Americans and speak fluidly and easily. In Valledupar no one has the teeth necesary to talk anyway, and their language is very rough. You can buy 3 litres of Coca Cola here as well as Vanilla wafers that are 3 times their normal size. The work is true and good. We walk about 12 miles on foot per day, and it is usually very hot and humid. It has rained twice, and my companion says we are entering the hot season. In stores here, there are complete aisles dedicated to cooking oil because the people here like fried food so much. We have lots of investigatores, but almost all of them refuse to come to church or abandon bad habits, so we cannot baptize anyone here right now. I am starting to love them though, and will make baptisms happen here. Many people thought I was from Paraguay upon first meeting them, but soon realized that I am a Gringo, which they dont like a whole lot. I am trying to enjoy myself out here, and so far it is half and half. But that is to be expected the first week or two. I was feeling pretty desperate from not Emailing in so long, and so that was a big contributor as to why I was feeling a little frustrated at times. My companion skips breakfast and I did once because we had no food in the house the whole first week we were here. We usually pick up some bread and juice at night, but we got off our leccion late, and he didn´t want to break curfew by stopping for food. So we didn't eat that night or the next morning until 1 in the afternoon. And we walked about 8 miles since lunch the day before. Today was better though, we played futbol as a district and I scored a gol. The water to shower here is rain water and is freezing cold and we wash our laundry by hand. But I am starting to love to teach and work as a missionary and love the people I am serving. Every day gets better! Ava sounds like she is just getting cuter by the day! Their Primary Program parts are awesome! I got pretty emocional just reading Nates part. I miss them muchisimo, and give them my love! Something interesting they might like is that juice is super big here. Look up C Frut juice. It is super good! I had Dulde de mango the other day, which is not ripe mango that is made into paste to suck. Delicious! I miss having Friday night movie night a lot right now. But the work is worth it! I love you guys so much sometimes it drives me crazy, but I am reminded that you all are in the hands of the lord!

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