Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Love The Mission Field!

I miss everyone, but this work never ceases to astound me! I was called as district leader to another district with the same companion, and there have been some rough patches, which are not for writing to madres en Emails :). I gave the opening prayer when a member of the 70 came, and afterwards there was a kid that told me that he couldn't beleive how well I could speak English! He thought I was Colombian! I also had people ask after that where my parents were from because they assumed that at least one of you guys was Latino. So, the language is going amazing! I am near fluent in speaking and listening and can teach the gospel without many problems. I did my first proseliting round today, and it was awesome! I placed 3 Book of Mormons, taught 15 lessons, and committed on 16 year old to baptism named Dylan(Dee-lawn). One of the Book of Mormons I had written my testimony in Spanish and I ended placing it to someone very special. His name was Sebastien and he may have been homeless. He was Nicks age (14). He was sitting on some concrete bench and he looked very sad and hungry and lonely. My companion was not very excited to go up to him and expressed concern, but I knew he was the one to give it to. I taught him about the restauración using futból players to teach, saying that the gospel in the time of Jesus would be like a team with all of Sebastiens favorite players, but one by one they get picked off. I asked him he thought they would win any matches without their star players, and he answered no, to which I explained that the churches situation was similar during apostacy, but that we have those same fundamentals or players restored to that figurative team again and the church is just as good as it was in the time of Christ. He was astonished! He asked me ¨why me?¨ why did you choose me to teach out of everyone else you could have taught today? I answered that it is what Christ did in his day, he didnt exclude anyone. He was a possible commiter to baptism. The members here think of us like superheroes! There were kids that were younger than Nate eating near us that couldnt get words out fast enough on how cool we were as missionaries and said they wanted to be missionaries too! Every single person at the CCM got fairly violently sick and were constrained to their beds for a few days. I did not get sick, and neither did my companion, which was a blessing because every single other person has. Presidente Dyer got an infection and spent about 4 days in the hospital. I also teach the security guard english here. We read the scriptures in English and in spanish but often get sidetracked and talk about our lives instead. He told me that in order from most beautiful spanish to least beutiful spanish there is: Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Paraguay, a whole bunch of others until the worst. Mexico. I asked him where he thought Canarian Spanish would be and he said that it is almost identical to Colombian spanish but possibly a little more beautiful. So me and Dad speak some of the most beautiful sounding spanish on Earth! How cool is that! The feeling of the Spirit when I teach in Spanish is indescribable. The words flow quickly and I feel the hand of God carefuly guiding my words for the investigator. I love the mission field! Also in a broadcast talk by Elder Holland he talked about how you can ask for angeles by attribute, characteristic, or even people to administer to you. He also talked about a missionary named Dan Jones who converted over 5300 people in wales. I asked for his Spirit before teaching today, and I can suffice it to say that the only way to know how I felt is to try it for yourself! It was great! I already want to stay in Colombia for forever, the people on the streets seem to have a love for me, and I realised today I love them back. But I will always love you guys more :) Les Amo Much, Ciao, Élder Manwaring

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