Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Contact October 7, 2014

The food is great! The largest meal of the day is lunch, and its about 3-4 lbs. of food. It is mostly soup, chicken, granadilla, and rolls. I am doing awesome though! The schedule is never set in stone for P-day and so I never know when we get it. We have a hard time even doing daily planning though because the schedule is right about 10% of the time. So we had a hard time staying on task for planning. Ava deserves to have such a great time! I miss her mucho. I have put her name in the exotic Bogota temple twice now. Frosted flakes are called Zucarotes here. Just thought you should know that. I had my first contact from the other side of the gate. Her name was Maria Martinez and I taught her the whole first lesson in Spanish, and it went great! The spirit was so strong and testified to me that this was the work that was cut out specifically for me! ¡Que Bendicion! I also got your note in my jacket...way to make me cry! :) thank you for that. Conference was great. Every hymn ended with amen, which was different. I received inspiration for myself and for a companionship that was failing. Dallin H Oaks talk was literally written just for them. They came out of our meeting crying. The best hymn in Spanish is Oíd el toque del Clarin,( you guys should sing it at FHE for me! The spirit is different in Spanish for me, but it feels extremely comfortable as if I am back home with all of you during some of the most triumphant times. I love everybody at home so much, Gracias por tu gran Amor, mis padres, Élder Manwaring

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