Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Letter September 24, 2014

Hola Madre! I did make it here safe and it has been pretty awesome! Bogota is definitely not American-looking...but It is beautiful here, the MTC President said last night that Bogota is the land of the eternal spring :). That is fantastic news that Avas scans came back clear! Such a blessing! So far We have had our first meeting and breakfast. You should look up Granadilla fruit, because that is what I slurped down this maƱana. Also Colombia has Colombiana, which is super delicious cream soda! There are tons of great missionaries here, but I haven´t been assigned a companion yet. Those notes From Brother Clark Huber make me feel way more qualified for the work, and so happy that I have been blessed so much by Heavenly Father. Love you guys so much. I already know a lot more spanish than a lot of other guys, which has been super nice so I understand what is going on here at the CCM (say say em A). Muchos Besos, Elder Manwaring

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