Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Being Led

Elder Puchoc, A Tuteca on my Plaque, Ma Shoe, Ma Canon, Cartagena de Indias Skyline, My companion and I in Cartagena... It was awesome talking with you guys yesterday too! Everyone looks so good and happy! President Searle took the other missionaries out of our area because we had more missionaries leave in the last transfer than missionaries that came into the mission, and the "pueblos" are the first to lose missionaries if there is a shortage. Anyway, I am really happy for that small Ava, her voice is still really cute and small but many things are changing for all of the kids and its definitely interesting to see how everyone is growing. I am sleeping really well, and eating well. I feel a little more healthy than I have been in other transfers in the mission. But also I took the Shakira toothpaste 14 day challenge (yesterday was day 7) so maybe, I don't know...it was that Shakira shine! Haha! This week I have had a pretty successful good week! Here are some experiences I have had: This week was awesome because we focused more on the less active members and we have not been thinking very much in investigators. I have been praying for the Lord to place Less Actives in our path so that we can teach them (because there are about 400 less actives in the ward, and none of them have addresses), and I had a great experience of success this week: We were walking home from a neighborhood that is a little bit dangerous, so we don't usually talk to anyone at night there. But as we were walking, for a moment, I felt as though my own footsteps were not mine, and I walked right up to a lady and her child that were going to pass us by in the opposite direction. I didn't know how I got there, and I hadn't wanted to talk to anyone, but there I was. I didn't know what to say, and my mouth was wide open in surprise, so I just said "uhhh...uhh...¿Hola?" and we found out afterwards that she was an inactive member that wants to baptize her children in the church, and return to the church herself! I was so grateful (a little embarrassed at first) that my Heavenly Father literally made us talk with them! Another experience of success is actually a string of experiences. The other Sunday, my companion admitted to me that he doesn't remember the last time he felt the spirit, or if he has even ever felt it. So I made it my goal to pray in every personal prayer for him to gain a testimony and feel the spirit. Wednesday we started our companionship study and I decided to make it centered on how to recognize the Spirit, and I taught him how we feel it. He really grew in that moment. Then, later this week, this Saturday we had 3 very spiritually powerful lessons in a row. He said that those 3 lessons penetrated his heart more than maybe any other, and he said that he has a testimony of what we teach. We were both pretty emotional, and it made us a stronger companionship! We are changing the way we work to include more less actives and less investigators. We have the promise of the Prophet that if we do this, we will have more baptisms. Anyway, I am going to send lots of Fotos after this Email, but I hope you guys have a really great week! Love you mucho!

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