Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This week in news...(June 7, 2015)

Well this has been a little harder of a week. I got the news that I would not be transferred, which was awesome! Woo Hoo! And they told me that I am the District Leader of Arjona, and that I am a trainer! But that Elder Effio would also be training in the other part of the area. I really enjoyed my time with Elder Effio. He told me the other day that of all the friends he has ever had in Peru, Argentina, and Colombia that I was his favorite! My new companion is fresh out of the MTC, he is from La Paz, Bolivia. His name is Elder Esc√≥bar. It has been very tough for him this week. I walk very fast, I talk very fast, I don't eat very much, know the scriptures very well, and I'm used to the heat here. He has struggled in every one of these aspects. I had a hard time thinking of how to explain how my companion is, he speaks Spanish, but not very great Spanish. He has a speech impediment that he sounds like Sid the Sloth when he pronounces his S´s, TH´s, and CH´s and stutters and can´t speak fast. He is a good guy, and so I feel really bad that EVERY SINGLE person that we have talked to says "Are you recently learning Spanish?" to him, because he is SUPER hard to understand. Every 5-10 minutes he needs to stop and rest while we walk. But, that is the reason he has me as a trainer, right? ;) This week was good, we had 3 Rescues: 2 are an older Married couple that we rescued their daughter a few weeks earlier, and it was awesome to see all of them seated together in Sacrament Meeting. But this week, they had work to do constructing their new house and weren't sure if they would make it to church, and weren't very excited to see us or read their scriptures. But we had a great lesson with them when I asked them "When is Christ going to come again?" and they both responded "No one knows, not even the angels know." And I told them that I knew when. Our Savior will come tomorrow. They laughed a little, but its true, we should treat our Salvation not as a passing fad, or a temporary interest. If he comes tomorrow, what will I do today? They came to church, and are Rescued Members. I now have 8 rescues! Woo! Wilminton didn't make it to church so we were a little bit disappointed, but Dayana is super awesome! Its her birthday tomorrow, and so we have a surprise party/Family Home Evening planned for tonight! Here are some fotos also of my District: Elder Bravo, Elder Effio, Elder Escobar, and I. And I got a super awful short haircut today. Hmmmmpphhh. :)

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