Tuesday, February 17, 2015

First Baptism!

Katharine's Baptism! El Mirador Monumento Todo Valledupar! I can see my house from here ;) La Sierra Nevada Montañas Katharine was baptized, by me! I baptized a little bit fast the people said afterwards. But I did it in 1 try...which is impressive because the people here have at least 4 names. I have included an awesome picture before she got baptized! I am able to Email because we do not celebrate Carnaval here in Valledupar. A little bit. But what they celebrate here is a gigantic music festival called the legend of Vallenato more. So we are safe :) We went to Mirador as a district this morning. I am glad that my brothers look up to me. They should know that they already have their mission calls, because God knows where they will go, and that they should live worthy and grow a testimony now to live up to the special place and people that God will place in their paths later on. Colombiana soda is very Cachaco (Bogota) or Paisa (Medellin, Cali). Its delicious but what we drink here in the coast is Pony Malta or Kola Roman (freaking gross, literally it is red throw up). But its cool that you guys met a guy that served here. Valledupar really is the City of the Mangos! I'm so happy that Grandma and Grandpa could visit, but sad that they are getting very old. Happy that they are proud of me! Nick is very brave to dance with those lucky girls. My mission has taught me that God blesses those that are willing to do things that others wont, that he blesses those who take risks even if they end up looking dumb, and that those who do his work see his hand more in their lives. Nick will be and is a good missionary, and I hope he enjoys his 8th grade year! Tell Nate that he looks Vacano Chevere in his dancing gear! I had a lesson yesterday where I felt the spirit tell me that this couple that I had just met 2 minutes earlier couldn't have children, but I told them that they could fast to have a child. It was so powerful, and the husband started crying, and the Girl told me "how did you know we could not have kids?" I love you all a ton too. P.S. We found a Rat in the house.

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